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About Us

My Mission and a little back story on my love of the
French Bulldog Breed


My dad, a large animal Veterinarian had a giant poster hanging over his desk with every dog breed imaginable pictured. As a kid, I used to go into his office, look it over and dream of someday having my own two favorite dogs, a Border Collie and a French Bulldog.


Sixteen years ago my husband found abandoned on the side of the road, a four week old McNab Border Collie. We named him Lucky and he became one of the greatest loves of our lives.


Over the course of the next six years my husband and I would rescue and rehome nine dogs and puppies tossed and abandoned near our ranch.


One of the dogs my husband came across was a female Border Collie with a badly mangled leg. The rancher’s intent was to put her down that afternoon. My husband said he would take her in if he knew she had been fixed. The rancher assured him she was. Several months later, proving not to be true, six little Border Collies arrived into this world. I kept the runt of the litter, Lila, and she is my very own first dog. I love her to the moon and back a million times over.


Yet over the course of the next ten years I would sit home in the evenings quite obsessed, reading every article I could get my hands on about French Bulldogs. At that time there were only a handful of breeders in California and I learned all I could about every one of them. I knew their histories, who their stud dogs and females were and when their litters were expected.


If I were to buy a French bulldog with all the challenges known to this breed, I wanted to go into the decision-making process equipped with as much  research as I could accumulate.


I delved into all the potential health issues with this brachycephalic breed. I read as many articles on the internet I could find as well as books like HEALTH AND WELFARE OF BRACHYCEPHALIC (flat faced) COMPANION ANIMALS by Dr. Rowena Packer and Dr. Dan O’Neill. I studied medical charts on stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, hypo plastic trachea. I read articles about the history and origins of the French Bulldog. I researched what laws are currently being passed in other countries regarding breeding Frenchies and why.


I studied issues regarding intervertebral disc disease, degenerative myelopathy and hemivertebrae. I spoke with veterinarians about the most common brachycephalic issue, BOAS, surgical procedures to best correct it and success rates for doing so.  I researched where and how to do DNA and health testing. I keep up to date on how the science is evolving.


I spoke with some pretty savvy breeders who focus on health over color and do extensive, above and beyond, testing for the hips, the elbows, the trachea, patellas and cardiac spine.  Achieving all they can with OFA testing to assure they are breeding the best dog possible.


I will always continue to read, study and research all that I can  in regards to what is  currently being determined through genetic testing.  I will stay committed to all considerations when breeding these dogs with hopes for the greatest possible outcome for optimal health. I am excited about what is evolving in the scientific world with future gene testing for this breed. I continue to go to dog shows and speak with other breeders and veterinarians.


I am committed to a life long study of what is both wonderful and challenging with French Bulldogs.


The ethical and moral equation is also important to me. I have I listened with an open mind to commentary and opinion from individuals, family and friends regarding thoughts on it being cruel or narcissistic to breed these dogs. That there are still way too many dogs that need to be rescued. That this breed, because of potential breathing issues can live a compromised life.


In my decision making process, I weighed the many positive aspects of owning a French bulldog. The wonderful temperament, the gigantic and adorable personalities, the  affectionate nature, the delightfulness and immeasurable joy these sweet little creatures can bring to one’s life.


Feeling as if I had made a concerted effort in research as well as paying some dues with our many rescues, I began to look for a top quality AKC registered French Bulldog puppy.


Finally after much consideration, research and deliberation I made a decision. The outcome ? 


Our Team

Seven years ago I brought home my first little Frenchie, the amazing little Queen of our household, Guinevere.


I couldn’t have begun to imagine the immense joy she would bring us. She is a happy healthy little girl. Because she was raised by Border Collies at our ranch, she thinks she is one of them. Her favorite thing to do is to ride with dad in the cattle truck and bark at all the cows.


Soon after, came her playmate and the sweetest and easiest dog we have ever had, Kai. He is so loved by everybody, our little cowboy.


Call me crazy but because all was going so well I began the pursuit of finding a female pup I could possibly breed.


I concluded that If I were to breed these dogs my motivation would be first and foremost, to truly and actively do all I could to better the breed. My intent would be not to focus on what color the pup would be but what I could deliberatley do to add to the puppies quality of life. After time and much analysis I have come to believe that if bred well, these remarkable little dogs can and often do live a very happy and healthy life.


In 2018, I found a little female pup from Russia with a longer neck, good open nostrils, a strong back, good leg to back to shoulder ratio and good disposition.  I analyzied her from overall French Bulldog conformation, evaluated her pedigree, had her checked by my veterinarian and found what I hoped to be a dog with qualities that would lend themsleves to good health for a French Bulldog.


Her name is Sophie.


I will save for a later article, the crazy financial investment made just to get a French Bulldog properly bred and puppies whelped.


As with all dogs that one would consider breeding I had additional tests done with Sophie, initially through Embark and then though UC Davis, to asses what could be determined and cleared genetically. Sophie’s reports came back solid.  As further testing is established and introduced to the breed, I will continue my endeavors with testing to make certain that puppies produced are of high quality in terms of health.


Recently and on my first endeavor with breeding Sophie, I was lucky enough to work with a wonderful breeder and a great veterinarian. My breeder friend Lisa, has been breeding French Bulldogs for years and her breeding, whelping and post delivery experience is equal to the best doctors I know. She was gracious enough to lend me her exquisite little stud dog, Hefner and the outcome was five beautiful puppies.


I appreciate that at this point in my life I can dedicate all my time to the whelping and puppy process and provide for all of our dogs, not just the Frenchies but the Border Collies as well, daily exercise, the best diet and plenty of space to play.  None of our dogs are kenneled and we are lucky to have multiple play yards, plenty of acreage and a dedicated dog room for them to live happily and move about freely.  Training is a continuous process and I have in the past employed professional people to assist in establishing confidence and manners in all of our dogs.


I am grateful to my college buddy, dear friend of many years and talented small animal Vet, Dr. Renee Case. Dr. Case has allowed me to observe many Cesarean section procedures with French Bulldogs. She has come to our ranch for house calls and has not only taken outstanding care of our eleven dogs but has also on occasion helped and advised with treatment of baby calves. She is meticulous in her care of all creatures large and small.


My hope is that anyone interested in pursuing the dream of owning a French Bulldog does their own research to educate themselves on the joys and challenges of owning one of these amazing little animals before making a decision. A thorough understanding of French bulldogs as well as expectations for puppy rearing will add so much to your own confidence and ultimate joy in owning one of these remarkable and adorable dogs.


It is my hope that I can contribute back to these dogs for all that has been given to me with the immense amount of love they have brought to my life. I am forever grateful for the gigantic amount of help and support I have gotten along the way with this incredible breed of dog - that I love so much.


For the love of Frenchies, Terri

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